A photoshoot for a friend

A friend asked for some portraits to be used for professional usage in his line of work as a chiropractor. I decided on trying a headshot and a half-body shot. The 2nd shot is my favourite, while I do feel like I need to practise more on headshots. More depth of field is probably required. I believe this was shot at f/2.2.



A while back I actually bought a set of a Lastolite 100 cm umbrella with a light stand. I have yet to understand how to use this though. I have managed to trigger the flash using my built-in flash but I don’t seem to grasp the concept of balancing the exposure just right. Hopefully I will use that for my next portrait shoot. This time I used the good old fashioned bounce-flash-on-a-wall-to-the-side-trick.



There were a ton of these guys on a small island where me, my brother and some friends set up a tent on a kayak trip a few weeks back. Apparently they are called Rödstjärt. Which translates to red butts in Swedish. The females were very active and (probably) tried to keep me away from their nests. I only say a few of the males (the two last photos), and the pictures of them were sadly not that good.